About this website



Sites are no longer sorted by Pagerank. Google probably still uses Pagerank but no longer tells the world what a sites value is.


Only sites with a Liverpool post code are included


The Facts

For each company we display

  • Web address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Links to social networks

Often I couldn’t see an email address as some companies prefer you to use a form on their website or to phone them.


My Opinion

I think the following things are important and so that is what I write about

  • Age of company
  • Where they are based
  • How many people work there
  • Whether they are a Limited Company or a Sole Trader
  • Any awards they have won
  • One or two sites they have done

I’m afraid I have left out probably the most important area and that is “What they do”. e.g. Web Design, PHP, E-Commerce, SEO, Marketing etc. I have left these out because it is just too difficult to be accurate.

Pier Head

This Website

This website is owned by Mike Kay of Mersey Internet The order of sites is determined by Google Pagerank (and alphabetically within equal Pagerank scores). I haven’t automated updating it yet and currently update it manually every few months. If sites owners want me to remove them from the site or to correct any errors in the description  just get in touch. I obtained all my information just from visiting the various websites. Feel free to point me to better content if you think I’ve missed something.

I will add any website that has their main office at an address with a Liverpool postcode.